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Thank you for participating! There are over 200,000 of us around the world – hopefully this can be one more way to connect us to our families!



  1. I am 36, now, was adopted in the late 70’s. Trying to find other adoptees , 30 – 45 and Korean.

  2. Well hi! I guess I would qualify, then.

    I just moved to Korea, (yeah, that was scarey for this old lady!) and I have new blog about it at:

    Drop on by!

    Have you also tried any local KAD groups? I went once or twice only, just before I moved to Korea, so never got to know any of them. The breakdown there was about 60% in their 20’s, then about 30% in their 30’s and the remaining 10% 40 and over. It was a little – no, a LOT weird for me because I’d never really talked to any adoptees before, and they all knew each other. But I did enjoy talking to one or two of the older adoptees eventually. It was nice to compare.

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